Current Affairs on JUN, 2015

(1). The Government of India has lowered the age of juveniles from 18 to ____ years for heinous crimes.
A. 14
B. 15
C. 16
D. 17
No Hints
(2). Which central government department was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration?
A. Sales Tax Department
B. Department of AIDS Control
C. Department of Economic Affairs
D. Income Tax Department
No Hints
(3). What was the name given to India’s rescue mission in quake hit Nepal?
A. Operation Rahat
B. Operation Nepal
C. Operation Maitri
D. Operation Neer
  • Operation Maitri was a rescue and relief operation in Nepal by the government of India and Indian armed forces in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
  • Operation Rahat was the name given to the Indian Air Force's rescue operations to evacuate civilians affected by the 2013 North India floods.
(4). Who won the 2015 Senior Men’s National Hockey Championship?
A. Railways
B. Sashastra Seema Bal
C. Vidarbha Hockey Association
D. Steel Plant Sports Board
No Hints

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