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Current Affairs on OCT, 2019

(1). Which city will soon have its dedicated Anti- Terror Squad?
A. Mumbai
B. Kolkata
C. Bengaluru
D. Hyderabad
(2). Where was the 35th Raising Day Ceremony of National Security Guard (NSG) held?
A. Manesar
B. Sohna
C. Faridabad
D. Bhiwadi
(3). Who won the 2019 Booker Prize?
A. Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo
B. Alice Munro and Dorris Lessing
C. George Orwell and Elisabeth Moss
D. Alice Munro and George Wright
(4). Which Indian won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Economics?
A. Rohini Pande
B. Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee
C. Amartya Sen
D. Salman Rushdie
(5). Where was 60th „World Standard Day‟ by Bureau of Indian Standards inaugurated?
A. Maharashtra
B. Banagalore
C. Kolkata
D. New Delhi
(6). Which country frigate Admiral recently tests fired Kalibr cruise missiles?
A. Russia
B. America
C. India
D. China
(7). Whose birthday is celebrated as World Students‟ Day?
A. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose
C. APJ Abdul Kalam
D. Dr .Radha Krishnan
(8). BRICS Culture Ministers‟ Meet was held in which country?
A. America
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. Brazil
(9). MC MaryKom won which medal in World Women's Boxing Championships?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. Bronze
D. None of these
(10). Jammu & Kasmir to start telemedicine services in which city?
A. a) Kanpur
B. Srinagar
C. Ladakh
D. Simla
(11). Which country's Prime Minister won the 2019 Nobel peace prize?
A. Nigeria
B. America
C. Ethiopia
D. Egypt
(12). Mobile App, “mHariyali” Launched by which minister?
A. Shri Hardeep Singh Puri
B. Prakash Javadekar
C. Piyush Goyal
D. Narendra Singh Tomar
(13). Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan gave Kayakalp Awards to which centres?
A. Coaching Centres
B. Medical Centres
C. Industrial Centres
D. Space Centres
(14). India and which country navy Undertake a Coordinated Patrol in North Bay of Bengal?
A. Bangladesh
B. Nepal
C. Pakistan
D. China
(15). who has been awarded Nobel Prize in literature for the year 2019?
A. Olga Tokarczuk
B. Peter Handke
C. Wim Wenders
D. Thomas Bernhard
(16). First National Hindi Science writer‟s conference was held in which state?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Bihar
C. Odisha
D. Maharashtra
(17). In which city people will get free food in exchange for one kilogram of plastic ?
A. Jagadalpur
B. Ambikapur
C. Raipur
D. Bilaspur
(18). Where was Second Annual Defence Dialogue with France held?
A. Lyon
B. Niece
C. Paris
D. Nantes
(19). Where was Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Programme (PMILP)- "DHRUV‟ launched?
A. New Delhi
B. Chennai
C. Bangalore
D. Kolkata
(20). Who released the WHO India Country Cooperation Strategy 2019–2023?
A. Prakash Javadekar
B. Amith Shah
C. Harsh Vardhan
D. NirmalaSitaraman
(21). Mary Kom won whom to enter quarterfinals in World Women's Championships?
A. Katiee Taylor
B. Jutamas Jitpong
C. Amanda Serriano
D. Simranjit kaur
(22). Who won the CSIR Young Scientist Award 2019?
A. Chandra M.R Volla
B. Vikram Vishal
C. Sasidhar B.S
D. Praveen Kumar
(23). How many persons were awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 2019?
A. Two
B. One
C. Four
D. Three
(24). Where Asia‟s oldest bamboo was recently found?
A. Assam
B. Maharashtra
C. Bihar
D. Gujarat
(25). When was Indian Air Force IAF formed?
A. 1935
B. 1942
C. 1930
D. 1932

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